The Democratic Club of Hot Springs Village provides activities to benefit the Democratic Party, as well as fellowship among members and guests. Quarterly meetings – usually held in January, April, July and October – combine social interaction with interesting programs featuring candidates or experts on various issues of national or local interest.

An annual “FunRaiser” is usually held in October to raise funds for club activities and local candidates.

A Bi-Monthly newsletter, full of timely information, editorial pieces and club news, as well as weekly e-blasts, keeps members informed of news and activities.

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Our Purpose

The purpose of the Democratic Club of Hot Springs Village is to advance the ideals of American Democracy and the principles of the Democratic Party, to provide a forum and support for Democratic Party candidates at the local, state, and national level.

Club Presidents Message

March 2022

My Fellow Democrats,

As we enter this election cycle, it has never been more important for us to work for Democracy. My main goal for our coming year – and I hope yours too – is to get Democratic candidates in Arkansas elected to office. This is a tough job and if we’re going to make a difference, we have to move forward as one – irrespective of county lines and district lines. I want our club to work on turning close races in Arkansas blue.

Our Democratic Club has a new committee, “Turn Arkansas Blue.”  This committee will actively work to register voters.  You hear it over and over again – Arkansas is a red state.  Actually, Arkansas is a “non-voting” state.  According to a federal report on the 2020 election turnout, Arkansas ranks last in the U.S. in both voter turnout and registration. As Americans, voting is a sacred right and duty. When we vote, our voices are heard. Our vote is a reminder that we matter and we deserve to be heard.  Every eligible voter in Arkansas.

I believe that the business of our club is serious business, now more than ever. Like many others, I am very fearful that we are in danger of losing our democracy.  If you are also fearful, if you were sickened by what our state legislature did in 2021, we need your support.  We are in the fight for our democracy, and if we don’t face this fight, we cannot win.  No one is going to save us – we have to save ourselves.

Movements are fueled by individuals giving their time, energy, and hope. Small actions and victories lead to bigger ones, and the improbable becomes possible. Our members have always been willing and eager to step up. Let’s be impactful! Let’s fight for democracy together!

Your comments, concerns and general feedback are always welcome.  Please feel free to contact me at [email protected]


‘Nita Brown

Officers for 2022-2023:

President‘Nita Brown
1st Vice President and Chair of Events CommitteeNancy Baumgartner
2nd Vice PresidentBob Dubbelde
TreasurerSusan Cockrell
Communications and Marketing Committee ChairLisa Malmin
Board SecretaryDonna Winchell
Board Member at Large & Web MasterNancy Jag-Nathan –
Board Member at Large and Chair of Turn Arkansas Blue CommitteeBecky Babineaux
Membership Committee ChairTBD
Chairman of Volunteer Co-OrdinationSusan Torpy

2022 Board Meeting Dates

1230 Coronado Center for every 2nd Monday of the month 

January 10th 2022April 11th 2022July 11th 2022October 10th 2022
February 14th 2022May 9th 2022August 8th 2022November 14th 2022
March 14th 2022June 13th 2022September 12th 2022December 12th 2022

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