Turn Arkansas Blue

As Democrats, our top goal is getting our candidates elected. Through our Turn Arkansas Blue efforts, we can and we will make a difference by working in different ways to meet this goal. Support is more than a yard sign and bumper sticker and the Turn Arkansas Blue committee is charged with finding and growing that support. We’ll do it in a number ways, first and foremost, by increasing our numbers in registered voters.

According to a federal report on the 2020 election turnout, Arkansas ranks last in the U.S. in both voter turnout and registration. To quote our club president, “As Americans, voting is a sacred right and duty. When we vote, our voices are heard. Our vote is a reminder that we matter and we deserve to be heard.  Every eligible voter in Arkansas.”

Here are some ways we plan to find and bring those unregistered voters out of the shadows:


  • Through a series of training meetings, we will educate our volunteers on Voter Registration so they not only know the correct information needed for a valid registration, they are also primed with the latest relevant information such as:
    • specific deadlines for registering, absentee and early voting
    • when and where to vote, how to vote
    • what to take with you to the polls to ensure your vote is counted properly
  • Holding voter registrations throughout the Village in high-traffic areas and Village events.


  • Using phone banks, postcards, word of mouth and social media, keep interest high in the election.


  • Providing information on candidates and issues through developing a network of advocates, who, armed with the latest facts, can help dispel misinformation about the Democrat Party and the candidates.
  •  Helping our network be ready with calm, factual answers when confronted with a barrage of “Tucker Carlson” type rhetoric.


  • Develop a plan for election day – rides to the polls, text reminders, sign holders.
  • Ensure there are poll workers from the Democrat Party.

The Turn Arkansas Blue committee’s work is not limited to an election year – our efforts won’t slow down after the election. There are issues to fight and more elections down the road. Get involved!