Any person who supports the purposes of the Democratic Party shall be eligible for membership and may become a member by paying assessed dues.  Others may be designated honorary members by the Board of Directors.  Honorary members shall not have voting privileges.  As a member, your dues help fund candidates and legislation that reflect Democratic values of justice and equality for all people.  We look forward to meeting you. Welcome!

Find the Membership that suits your budget:

Membership TypeAnnual Fee
Individual Membership $20
Household Membership$30
Individual Membership + Century Club Donation$120
Household Membership + Century Club Donation$130
*Lifetime Membership (one time payment)$250
*Lifetime and Century Club Memberships are listed in the quarterly Newsletter.

Payment options:
Credit Card or Bank Transfer:
Mail a check to:
Democratic Club of Hot Springs Village
P. O. Box 8693
Hot Springs Village, AR 71910

  • All memberships except Lifetime Membership are for one year and are recurring. You can stop this at anytime within your own PayPal account settings.
  • All members receive e-mail Club Updates and Newsletters Lifetime and Century Club Memberships are listed in the quarterly Newsletter.
  • Fill in the Membership form first and submit it, next choose your membership level and pay either PayPal, Credit Card or Debit Card.

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  • * Select your membership level from the drop down below. Use PayPal or a Debit or Credit card to pay.
  • ** Using a PayPal account will allow you to set up annual recurring membership with the exception of lifetime as this is a one time payment.
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