Club Presidents Message

July 2021

My Fellow Democrats,

Americans watched proudly as President Joe Biden re-established our nation’s place as the world leader of Democracy. His meetings with the G7 heads of state, the members of NATO and then facing off with Vladimir Putin put us right back on top of the geopolitical hierarchy.  Fighting Covid, struggling to untangle the disastrous state of American immigration policy, and planning transformative change in economic equity, President Biden is up to the job. There is no overstating the scope and nature of the challenges we now face, especially as the climate change window begins to slam shut.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court is busy dismantling the Voting Rights Act, permitting state governments to run rampant in voter suppression activity. President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have their work cut out for them, but so do we, right here in Hot Springs Village. The obvious course of action is to elect more Democrats to state offices and to the state legislature.  In January, I whined about the filing fees imposed upon prospective candidates by the state Democratic Party. Well, good news! They have greatly reduced and in some cases eliminated the onerous filing fees, which should encourage more people to run.

We do have some quality candidates in the races for state office, notably Chris Brown running for Governor and Jesse Gibson for Attorney General.  All the candidates we can muster will be present to meet and greet you at the next quarterly Club event, the Fun’Raiser on July 23.  Take note, the gala dinner dance starts at 5:30 instead of our regular 3:00 p.m. meeting time. Do not dally! Go online and purchase your tickets now. The $45 ticket price covers two free drinks and a delicious meal prepared by staff of Xplore Desoto.

Back to filling up the slates with Democratic candidate: have a serious conversation with yourself or your friend or neighbor or adult child about taking up the party banner and running for office. I’m sure the thought has crossed your mind at some time in the past; now is the moment you have been waiting for. All the Justices of the Peace on the Quorum Court in Saline County are Republicans. That needs to change. Prospective politicians often start with running for the local school board, but we need people to jump in on races for state representative and senators, too. If you are not going to run, get involved in someone else’s promising campaign.

Beyond electing Democrats, which is the business of the Democratic Club of Hot Springs Village, there are other ways to shore up American Democracy. Join and give generously to our local NAACP chapters, the League of Women Voters, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the ACLU, Moms Demand Action, and other champions of civil rights.

But first, buy tickets to the Club Fun’Raiser on July 23rd!


Jane Browning


The Democratic Club of Hot Springs Village provides activities to benefit the Democratic Party, as well as fellowship among members and guests. Quarterly meetings – usually held in January, April, July and October – combine social interaction with interesting programs featuring candidates or experts on various issues of national or local interest.

An annual “FunRaiser” is usually held in June to raise funds for club activities and local candidates.

A quarterly newsletter, full of timely information, editorial pieces and club news, as well as occasional e-blasts, keep members informed of news and activities.

The board of directors for 2020-2021:

PresidentJane Browning
Vice President / Garland County liaisonLinda Ragsdale
SecretaryMary Eliades
TreasurerNancy Baumgartner
Membership chairPeggy McCoy
Communications/ Marketing chairLisa Malmin
Web Master
Nancy Jag-Nathan
Saline County liaisonGlen Rider
Member at largeTerry Baumgartner
Member at largeDeb Bryan

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