Virtual Presidential Inauguration Celebration

Thank you William Hanson for being our guest speaker at our Inauguration Celebration on ZOOM! Thank you to all the attendees for the chance to get together, share ideas, laughs and toasts! –

William Hanson Videos

Here are the links to his latest campaign videos.  They can also be viewed on his website: and on his YouTube channel: Also, please check out his latest blogpost on his website:  Our Sins of Omission: History and God Will Judge Us All.  Please share them widely in your network.

Can’t See The Forest For The Trees (campaign ad on Westerman’s record)

Working Together (Get Out The Vote Video)

Meet the Candidates

Democratic Club of Hots Springs Village, President Jane Browning, interviews Arkansas State Senator, Joyce Elliott and Dr. William Hanson. Senator Elliott represents Arkansas District 31 and is running for U.S. Congress in Congressional District 2 and Dr. Hanson is running for U.S. Congress representing Arkansas Congressional District 4 –

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